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Below you will find some useful PHP resources which I have either written or contributed to.

For support with the Smarty Tools, please use the Add-ons Smarty forum section:

Monte Ohrt <monte [AT] ohrt [DOT] com>

Smarty: The PHP compiling template engine.
Smarty Forums: The discussion forums for Smarty.
SmartyValidate: A form validation class for the Smarty template language.
SmartyFormtool: A javascript form tool class for the Smarty template language.
SmartyPaginate: A pagination class for the Smarty template language.
SmartyMenu: A dropdown menu class for the Smarty template language.
TinyMVC An extremely compact MVC development framework for PHP.
SafeSQL: A PHP class for automating the task of making SQL queries safe for use.
Snoopy: A PHP class for simulating a web browser.
Date_Calc: A PHP class for manipulating and calculating calendar dates.
pmatch: A PHP grep-like command line utility with enhancements
ContentFeeder: A PHP content feed assembling library (create RSS 2.0 feeds.)
XMLParser: Parse XML documents into PHP arrays. Also comes with RSSParser, an extension of XMLParser that creates simple RSS-specific array structures from RSS feeds.
GoogleMapAPI A fully functional Google Map API for PHP.
Easy Reflections Helped make some improvements to alpha blending and caching.
Online CSS Compressor Efficiently compress CSS.
str2img View strings on an image.
Basecamp PHP API a PHP library wrapper for the Basecamp REST API.
PHP 5 Refs explained visually a visual representation of PHP 5 references.


HuskerLocker.com: Husker Locker is a niche social network for Husker fans. This is based off of the Motortopia codebase.
Motortopia.com: Motortopia is a Web 2.0 site that I did the PHP programming for utilizing the Code Igniter framework in a little under seven weeks time. More info here and here.

Other Stuff

Grataware My other programming hat, iOS
Fifty Outs The Blog
iPhone Lease Calculator A simple auto lease calculator designed for the iPhone.


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